What is Parliamentary Procedure?          It is a set of rules for conduct at meetings, that allows everyone to be heard and to make decisions without confusion.    Why is Parliamentary Procedure important?         Because it is a time tested method of conducting business at meetings and public gatherings. It can be adapted to fit the needs of any organization. Today, Robert’s Rules of Order newly revised is the basic handbook of operation for most organizations,     clubs, and other groups.  So it is important that everyone know these basic rules!   Organizations using parliamentary procedure usually follow a fixed order of business. Typical example:  1.      Call to order    2.      Roll call of members present 3.      Reading of minutes of last meeting. 4.      Officer reports.           5.      Committee reports   6.      Special orders – important business      previously designated for consideration at this meeting.  7.  Unfinished business.   8.  New business.   9.  Announcements.   10.  Adjournment.   The method used by members to express themselves is in the form of moving motions. A motion is a proposal that the entire member- ship take action or a stand on an issue.  Individual members can:           1.  Call to order.         2.  Second motions.              3.  Debate motions.              4. Vote on motions.    There are four Basic Types of motions:           1.      Main motions: The purpose of a main motion is to introduce items to the membership for their consideration. They cannot be made when any other motion is on the floor, and yield to privileged, subsidiary, and incidental motions.          2.      Subsidiary motions: Their purpose is to change or affect how a main motion is handled, and is voted on before a main motion.          3.      Privileged motions: Their purpose is to bring up items that are urgent about special or important matters unrelated to pending business.          4.      Incidental motions: Their purpose is to provide a means of questioning procedure concerning other motions and must be considered before the other motion.
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