Gyro International is committed to protecting your privacy. This Statement explains the data collection, and use practices of Gyro International. It does not apply to other “on”, or “off line” Internet sites or print publications related to Gyro International; e.g. Districts, Clubs and associated sites, products or services.
PERSONAL INFORMATION   The personal information collected by Gyro International will be used only to operate the business of the Organization, and to provide the service(s) or carry out the transaction(s) a Member has requested or authorized. Gyro International may follow up, either by surface or other mail, telephone, electronic mail or personal contact with Gyros, and others, who have completed forms or provided Gyro International with any personal information.  Gyro International may use electronic mail or surface mail addresses voluntarily provided to periodically send Gyro related promotional and informational material such as the Gyroscope, newsletters, and information regarding upcoming and special events.  Email addresses voluntarily provided will be posted on the Gyro Home Page ( For further information regarding email please see the relevant section below. COLLECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION  Gyro International, through member Clubs and Districts will ask you to provide personal information that identifies you as a Member of Gyro International and which allows us to contact you, and to track your membership with Gyro International.  Gyro International will not distribute any mailing lists other than the Gyroscope Directory, “Who’s Where”, which will contain your name, nickname if any, address, phone number, your partner’s name, if relevant, and Fax number, to anyone other than members of Gyro International. Gyro International will not distribute any personal information to any person or company, other than those directly affiliated with Gyro International, and then only with the understanding that this information is to be used only for the promotion of the precepts and business of Gyro and not for personal nor corporate gain. The Directory may also indicate Gyro related offices you have held and Gyro related awards presented to you. The Constitution of Gyro International precludes the use of this type of information for any type or kind of personal or business gain.  If you do not wish to be included in this publication please advise the Secretary Treasurer, Gyro International at Gyro International,   P.O. Box 489 ,  Painesville ,  OH    44077-0489. SHARING OF INFORMATION  Gyro International does not, and will not release or sell personal information to outside 3rd parties, other than by publishing that information in the aforementioned Directory.  Gyro International is not responsible for the content or the Privacy Policies of Web sites to which it might link on the Internet. ELECTRONIC MAIL   If voluntarily provided, your email address will be placed on the Gyro International Home Page, and may be used by Gyro International to send you information, newsletters, and other information directly related to the business of Gyro International. Club, District and International Officers may be requested to submit their email addresses, if available, in order to efficiently conduct the business of Gyro International. CONTROL OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION   By submitting your name, nickname, partner’s name, your address, your phone number, Fax number, to Gyro International you consent to providing this personal information which may be published in Gyro publications such as the Directory, the Officers Directories, and the Gyroscope. Only your name, email address, District and Club affiliation to Gyro International which you voluntarily provide, will be displayed on the Gyro Home Page on the Internet. With the exception of email addresses, Gyro International may also display or publish awards given and executive positions held in addition to the above in the Gyroscope Directory. ACCESS TO YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION   At any time you may review, edit, and request changes to, or removal of your personal information by contacting the Secretary Treasurer at the address shown below. If you have any questions or directions in this regard they should be directed to: Gyro International,  P.O. Box 489  Painesville ,  OH 44077-0489  Email:  <>
Privacy Policy
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