“this award is perhaps the most prestigious of this fraternity because it is for service that is recognized and acknowledged by his peers within his lifetime ... and is truly a memorable recognition of the recipient’s extraordinary efforts and should be awarded accordingly.”
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Merit Award
Gyro International
A Fraternity of Friendship
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is awarded to the gyro “for exceptional service to club or district”
The criteria for the Merit Award clearly delineates its value and honor to the  recipient. It is unique in that it is not given to someone because they have done an  exceptional job as a club or district officer as it is anticipated within a brotherhood  of friendship that any member is expected to do a good job in any office, whether  appointed or elected, when serving in any particular capacity.     Rather, this award is presented to the man who consistently renders exceptional  service to his District, his Club and his fellow members without any thought of  recognition or praise.  The Award is given to a Gyro who has performed a task or  service when not expected, a man, who day in and day out, serves as a reminder of  what true Gyro spirit means, a man who is indeed special and has provided  exceptional service.