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                                                  About Gyro
On June 24, 1912, it all began ...
Gyro first began in Cleveland, Ohio on June 24,1912.  Gyro's first members were Paul Schwan, Clarence Handerson, and Ed Kagy - otherwise known as the   Founders of Gyro.
The original concept of Gyro was to perpetuate the friendship formed during their college years.
 Gyro operates on three principles:    Power - Poise - Purpose                  GYROSCOPE SIDEBAR
  •     Power - the power of friendship in human relationship
  •     Poise - the steadiness of friendship at all times  
  •     Purpose - to keep the balance of friendship active in our daily lives
 It should be noted that Gyro is not a service Club.   Many clubs do have charitable efforts and perform many services to the community where they reside. Gyros conduct their affairs around social activities.
The Structure of Gyro:
The Gyro Club -- Gyro members are brought together and form a Club. These are the Charter   Members. Future members join the Club.
The Gyro District -- All Gyro Clubs become part of one of the eleven Districts formed in North America. Nine Districts have a governing body with a Governor and his Executive. The Governors are the governing body of Gyro International.
Gyro International -- The International Executive is made up of a President, three Vice Presidents, & the Past President. These men are Gyros who enjoy Gyro and are dedicated to the organization. There is an appointed Secretary- Treasurer and staff at the Head Office which is situated in Painesville, Ohio.