Betterment Fund
 Have you got a great idea to promote Gyro membership?  Is your  Club planning a membership drive or event for which it would like to  be paid?  Has Gyro been good to and for you?   Would you like to  help “spread the word”? Have you heard about the Betterment  Fund? The Betterment Fund was established at the International  Convention in Moncton in 1994.                     The Fund was originally envisioned as one that would bolster  declining revenues in the face of declining membership. It was  anticipated that with a sufficient “war chest” dues increases would  be delayed for many years, currency exchange rates would be  absorbed, funding for aggressive external expansion could be made  available, internal expansion could receive financial assistance, and  major capital maintenance funds for the Headquarters building  could be provided. (These objectives were reviewed and amended  in 1996.)  A pledge program was instituted with some degree of  success.        At the International Interim in New Orleans in 1996, the Bylaws  of Gyro International were amended to include Chapter 11A which  formally established the Betterment Fund, its’ Purpose,  Administration, and Use. The stated Purpose of the Betterment  Fund is to perpetuate, promote, and expand the concept,  membership, welfare and influence of Gyro by using the moneys in  the Fund for expenses not normally included in the Budget of this  Organization; to encourage membership in, and expansion of this  Organization; and other such purposes as the Board shall deem  appropriate.   .     The Board of Trustees as established under the Bylaws of Gyro  International is responsible for the investment and reinvestment of  the moneys in the Betterment Fund.        The Betterment Fund Board of Directors composed of three  Past District Governors elected by the Board of Governors, and the  two most immediate Past Presidents has exclusive authority for the  expenditure of moneys from the Betterment Fund. The Executive  Council has no say in the operation of the Fund. .    In 1998 the Board of Directors established guidelines for the  disbursement of funds to Districts and Clubs for unusual efforts or  events designed to attract new members. They are:  .  Districts:    Betterment Fund may provide matching funds  equal to one-half of expenses incurred by a Membership chairman  or assistants or a planned District event, not to  exceed:                             Districts of 1-5 Clubs @ $150.00 per year/ 6-10 Clubs @  $200.00 per year / 11-20 Clubs @ $400.00 per year / 21+ Clubs @  $600.00 per year  Club:    A Club or Clubs conducting a sanctioned
event designed to attract new members may apply for  reimbursement (on the Form provided) as follows: Annual capita  fee for each NEW Gyro registered with Gyro International; $10.00  for each potential Gyro in attendance who did not elect to become  a member      While membership efforts are a priority, Gyros are reminded  that other worthwhile endeavors for the “Betterment of Gyro”  should also be explored and submitted for consideration. For  example, seed money was provided to develop the original GYRO  home page, and to upgrade Headquarters computer systems.        Any one or more individual Gyros, Gyro Clubs or Districts may  submit a proposal for expenditures from the Betterment  Fund                     Your proposal or request should be directed to the Betterment  Fund Board of Directors c/o Gyro International, P.O. Box 489,  Painesville OH, 44077. Gyro Headquarters will then forward the  request to the members of the Board of Directors for consideration.  Do not send your proposal to the individual members of the Board.  Gyro Headquarters will do that for you           In order to avoid any delay in consideration of your proposal or  request, you should provide the Betterment Fund Board of  Directors with as much information as possible including:              1. A description of the event or project.            2. The approximate amount of funding which will be required  from the Fund and how these moneys will be spent or allocated  and used.     .         3. What you expect to accomplish.            4.Why you feel the proposal or project meets the criteria set  out in Section 1 of Article IV of Chapter 11A.            5. The names, addresses and phone numbers of contact  person or persons.        If your proposal is accepted you will be notified in a timely  fashion. If your subsequent Request for Reimbursement is also  approved by the Betterment Fund Board of Directors, the Board will  direct the Board of Trustees to pay out or transfer moneys from the  fund for the purposes of the proposal.                                           Obviously the Betterment Fund is not a bottomless well. The  success of the Fund lies not only in what it can accomplish in the  way of Gyro growth, but also in contributions from Gyros like you  who think that Gyro is a great concept, and well worth promoting.  Hopefully every Gyro would wish to participate, and contribute to  the Fund. To make this easier, a Pledge Form is available from the  database. Feel free fill it in, and send it with your contribution to  Gyro International.              If you would like additional helpful information I would  encourage you to read the brochure “Some Questions and Answers  About the Betterment Fund”. Gyro Headquarters will be pleased to  forward you a copy on request. 
Betterment Fund
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